Facial Treatments, Chemical Peel, Masks, Detox,

Facials, Chemical peels, Micro needling, dermaplaning

Facial Treatments, Chemical Peel, Masks, Detox,

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Chemical peels

Luxurious Neck and Decollette treatment

Masks for Anti-ageing, Acne, Pigmentation, Rosacea, Melasma, Dehydration, Discolouration, Redness/Sensitive, Oily/Dry/Combination Skin

Glow Peel

Radiant 30

Radiant 20/10

Vitamin A Boost

Detox Clear

Enzyme Retexturing treatment

Refining Clay Mask 

Deep Moisture Mask

Luxurious Neck & Decollete

Brightening Booster

Age Defence

Acne Relief


Redness Relief

Skin Smooth

Back Treatment

AHA Hand Treatment

Eye Rescue Treatment

Mini Medi Facial

Luxurious Facial Treatment

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