Anti-wrinkle Injections (Botox), Dermal fillers


Anti-wrinkle Injections (Botox), Dermal fillers

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Botulinum toxic A is a protein derivative of the toxin which is used to treat certain medical muscular conditions. It has been in use since 1978. It is a safe, quick and effective cosmetic treatment that is very popular around the world.

It works by temporarily stopping the muscles from functioning and in turn this reduces, or in some cases eliminates, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When applied by an expert hand the results should look natural, fresh and uplifted.

It is vital that Botulinum toxin only be given by a registered medical professional. It is essential to ensure the right dose in the right area, is used to reach the desired outcome and avoid potentially dangerous circumstances and unwanted results such as- muscle drooping or frozen expressions. We currently use the reputable brand- Botox by Allergan.

A full consultation prior to treatment is required. This is to discuss your areas of concern, potential complications and medical history. Our nurse prescriber will then decide if it is safe to proceed with prescribing your treatment. A prescription will then be written and a date for treatment arranged with you. An appointment for treatment can be as soon as 2 days post consultation. You will have ‘before’ photographs taken.

This process is seen as the gold standard for Botulinum toxin A treatments.

We are also passionate about after care. You will be followed up after your treatment between 2-3 weeks. At this point ‘after’ photographs will be taken. Occasionally a little more Botulinum toxin may be needed at follow up. We are also available to be contacted post treatment. Contact numbers will be given to you.

Treatments usually last between 3-4 months. When used long term the time between treatments gets longer.

Areas treated-

• Frown

• Crows feet

• Forehead lines


• 1 area =£150

• 2 areas =£200

• 3 areas =£250

Male clients will be an extra £30 on the final bill due to larger doses needed for treatments.

A £40 deposit is taken to secure appointment and is deductible from the final bill. The deposit is non refundable for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hrs or it is missed.

Botox, Dermal Fillers are available by our specialist nurse on certain days. Consultation needs to be booked in advance with a small deposit. 

Any enquiry regards to injectables can be assited on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

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